Bendigo AirportVictoria, Australia, 2019

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Located approximately two hours north of Melbourne and serving a community of over 100,000 people, The City of Greater Bendigo has experienced steady growth since its early years as a gold mining hot spot in Victoria, Australia. Since then, the City has worked towards providing better transport connectivity to other major hubs across the country. As part of Stage 2 of the Bendigo Airport Redevelopment Project, focus was placed on improving infrastructure assets including a new business park and expanding capacity for more visitors. In March 2019, Qantas Link commenced a new route six days a week from Bendigo to Sydney, providing new opportunities for tourism and business travel in both directions. UFL was engaged by the City of Greater Bendigo to provide waiting area seating to the growing airport terminal space. Our design team prepared a seating design that satisfied the new foot print layout and includes a combination of 4- and 5-seater AS202 beams, equipped with side tables and power for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Bendigo Airport AS202 Beam Seat website 04

Photography: Bendigo Airport

Bendigo Airport AS202 Beam Seat website 03
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