Airport Counters and Accessories

airport check in counter

Complementing high-traffic areas with
durability and contemporary design.

Selected to be used within high-use environments, UFL’s airport and transport centre check in counters and accessories are designed to assist user experience in all airports, transport hubs, public waiting areas, medical facilities, and many other environments. Proven to meet international quality standards and endure heavy use our range of highly functional airport counters and accessories can be customised to suit your commercial or public spaces. We can work closely with you to ensure your project gets the outcome and solution it needs by using our specialised knowledge and experience within the airport environment making UFL an ideal airport counter supplier & manufacturer. UFL’s airport counters and accessories are streamlined to improve passenger experience while traveling. From airport terminal counters to facilitate with bag check ins and boarding pass printing to entry, exit and immigration gate counters, as well as information, general inquiry, and customer service counters we can assist with finding the product fit for the job. Here at UFL we can supply your projects with counters and accessories that complement high-traffic areas with durable, contemporary, and ergonomic designs. By integrating the latest high-performance materials, we can ensure longevity and operational requirements for products selected to use within transit areas and central hubs. Designed to optimize passenger experience, UFL guarantees to provide the necessary product to meet travellers needs at every stage.