Public guidance systems

Making wayfinding a priority.

Functional with high aesthetic appeal. UFL’s range of crowd control stanchions have been individually selected to ensure durability while providing customisable options within high use areas such as airports, transport hubs, public spaces, and many more commercial environments. We make wayfinding and customer safety a priority. UFL’s range of airport public guidance systems can offer the flexibility you need for frequently changing queuing configurations and crowd navigation through high-use transitional, waiting or queuing areas. Whether you need stanchions that are adjustable or retractable, weighted or floor fixed, rotational, or moveable, we can help ensure the perfect solution and outcome for your commercial and public spaces. With the latest high-performance materials and ergonomic designs our range of crowd control barriers can be customised to fit the style of the surrounding space. Ropes and barriers can be sign printed to help with directional foot traffic and customer communication as well as having the option to add A3/A4 sized sign holders to assist with mapping, branding or advertisement purposes. Our crowd flow management products are designed to support crowd management and passenger facilitation while providing a better and safer customer experience when navigating busy airports, medical centres, waiting areas and transport environments.