Commercial Stools

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Giving your space a welcoming yet polished look and feel.

Practical with high aesthetic appeal. UFL’s smart line up of stools have been individually selected to ensure durability while providing comfort and aesthetic appeal in high use areas such as airports, transport hubs, public spaces and more. We have the specialized knowledge in airport furniture, and public seating to provide stools with the latest high-performance materials and ergonomic designs. With a choice from wooden structures to polypropylene shells, upholstered options, or coloured steel, UFL’s stools offer the latest high-performance materials and ergonomic designs that meet international comfort and quality standards. Available at table height, counter height, or bar height UFL have the stool to fulfil the job. We can help to create the perfect solution for passengers and clients to have a seat while eating, perch while waiting, enjoy a drink or sitting together in a group. Whether you need stools that are height adjustable or with a backrest, we can help ensure the perfect solution and outcome. Together with our seating range, UFL uses specialized knowledge to provide a collection of stools that create a warm and welcoming space while highlighting their quality and sometimes handmade finishes.