Airport Beam seating

Beams and benches create infinite
possibility for seating at any scale.

With a simple and clean aesthetic look UFL’s beam seating range prioritises high performance and ergonomic design to optimise a quality passenger experience within airport seating, transport hubs, public waiting areas, medical facilities, and many other environments. UFL’s modern beam seating is a smart seating choice for any heavy-duty commercial setting and is tested and proven to meet international comfort and quality standards. Specifically designed with easy cleaning and maintenance in mind, along with a long structural warranty our beam seating range is the perfect solution for all high use environments. UFL’s beam seating systems work together to create zones using various configurations designed to meet any requirements and to enable both intimacy and flexibility within busy transit environments, airport seating and public waiting areas. UFL’s beam seating range allows us to customise our beam seating specifically for each use. We offer a wide range of high-quality and versatile finishes from padded upholstery to sleek powder coated steel either finished in standard black or grey, or matched to any Pantone colour (MOQ applies), as well as offering a natural ply or coloured polyurethane. Our beam seating can be floor fixed if needed and has possibility for printed symbols for disability seating or brand customisation. The UFL beam seating range has options for tailored arm positions, built-in tables, power, USB, and facilities available. Our beam seating can be fully customised to meet whatever the need may be, whether it’s the perfect casual workspace for customers on the move through airports and transport hubs or comfortable and efficient waiting for public areas and medical facilities.