Airport Trolleys

airport luggage trolly

Pushing or pulling, UFL trolleys are the way to roll.

Robust, durable, and fit for purpose. UFL have a carefully curated selection of airport luggage and transport centre trolleys to allow passengers, clients, and the public the comfort and ergonomic support required throughout the stages of their journey. UFL’s airport luggage trolleys are manufactured using high-grade aluminium’s and stainless steels resulting in quality and reliable products for passenger movement throughout both landside and airside zones. Each airport trolley is designed and built to withstand the toughest conditions of harsh airport environments and heavy use commercial and public spaces. Distinctly solid and reliable our airport luggage trolleys come equipped with front bumper protection to ensure longevity use after use. There are also a range of different wheel options including 4-wheel units, non-marking wheels, 3-wheel units, braking and non-braking units and dual front castors that can increase the load capacity from the traditional 250kg weight to 300kg of luggage. Customisable options for signage, advertising panels and branding can be included as well as baskets to help with smaller baggage handling. The airports trolleys are stackable when not in use meaning that storage for a large number of trolleys can take up little space. UFL’s high quality and reliable airport baggage trolleys offer passenger convenience while navigating airport and other transport environments by providing a strong, stable platform for luggage to rest upon while on the move.