The global pandemic of Covid-19 has seen drastic measures take place in a desperate bid to minimise the spread of the virus — one of those is our ability to travel freely. We have been forced to consider what the new normal of our everyday lives will be, which of course affects the way we will travel in the future. 

The New Normal

So, what does the post-pandemic travel world look like? Travellers are likely to display different behaviours and habits when it comes to health and hygiene preferences at airports. Furniture is an integral part of the aircraft boarding journey and is an item that is frequently touched.

How we can help you

There will be a time after the peak of the pandemic that restrictions will ease, however, measures to promote distance will endure for the long-term as a precaution for future pandemics. The below furniture strategies will assist with social distancing, showing passenger and employees you care about their safety, help passengers feel comfortable travelling again, and ultimately they will secure a safe and successful future for airports and passenger terminals.

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Choose materials that are easy to disinfect:
Hygiene and cleanliness is one of the most important considerations. For seating, fabrics such as vinyl or leather don’t collect dirt and are easily disinfected. Solid material seating such as polyurethane is also known for its cleanability and anti-microbial properties and is often used in hospitals and medical facilities as a result.

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Regulations around physical distancing have become commonplace. To support physical distancing in hold-room areas and to create break-out areas, movable physical barriers such as tape barriers and dividers can be used— especially during busier times.

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Configure furniture to accommodate distancing:
Adding tables between seats will encourage people to leave space and self-distance from others. UFL can supply a 5 seater beam with 3 seats and 2 tables. We can also supply just tables to use on existing beams, replacing seats for social distancing. These are quick and easy to install.

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Seating options with privacy panels:
Seating with high backs and privacy panels promotes small pockets of isolated areas for individuals to maintain a social distance from others. UFL has many design-forward options to provide a safe solution for seating.

We are here to help you. UFL are specialists when it comes to creating spaces and supplying furniture that ensures people enjoy the airport journey in every moment — and we will continue to do so under a stricter regime. We understand what travellers will need in a post-pandemic climate. Let’s work together to design and develop a safe airport experience for the future of travel.