The latest expansion at Shanghai Pudong International Airport involves construction of the world’s largest satellite terminal concourse. The H-shaped terminal is comprised of two sections S1 and S2 covering a combined area of 622,000m². These two sections will be connected to T1 and T2 through an underground subway.

Since launching last week, the Shanghai Pudong Airport is officially in operation and ready to begin receiving their estimated 60 million passengers, 555,000 flights and 2.88 million tonnes (Mt) of cargo per year. Known for their work on large scale projects, UFL work with the best designers to produce bespoke pieces for any project. Working to a specific brief, UFL produced a beam seat system and counter series to meet the objective of this airport terminal expansion project.

Presenting the BB420 beam seat system and A575 airport counters

The BB420 beam seating system is a high performing flexible PU system. Offered in a variety of standard colours or Pantone colour match, the seat pan can withstand 150kg per seat. The antimicrobial features mean less maintenance is required by airport staff and keeps dwell spaces look clean and sleek. Our newest beam seating system is a fully customisable piece with 2- to 5-seater options or maximise space with a pod style configuration. All units can be integrated with tables and equipped with power units.

The A575 offers strength and refinement for busy airport spaces. Manufactured with a full acrylic body and specialised components, these units are designed to weather the toughest environments from the bump and grind of trolleys and luggage to the scratching of sharp or abrasive objects. Standard units for the A575 are comprised of check-in, gate, mobility, immigration and information counters.

Shanghai Pudong Airport was supplied with 27,000 BB420 seats and over 140 gate and information counters.