When it comes to flying, your journey is more than the airline you choose, the seat on your boarding pass or the destination you’re going to.

Your journey starts the moment you step inside an airport. At UFL we believe these modern hubs of travel evolved to offer so much more than just a few hours either end of your journey. It should be a part of the experience.

With increasing competition and the growing importance of passenger experience, regardless of what class of ticket you have in your hand, airports need to recognise the significance of providing an experience that not only provides comfort, but function.

Today’s modern traveller isn’t just a man in a suit with a briefcase. The modern traveller is a mother with a toddler in tow; it’s a student going home for the holidays, or an employee travelling on business for the day.

With this in mind, we invite you to come and take a seat…


BB358 seating system



The BB358 is more than just an opportunity to wait for your flight; it provides a hub for so much more.


Whether you’ve got five minutes to wait at your gate or a two-hour delay, the BB358 is manufactured for comfort. Despite its hardwearing appearance, the PU provides softness and warmth to the touch, with a flexible feel for extra comfort.

The BB358 is designed specifically for busy areas using materials proven to last in the toughest of environments. The antimicrobial surface inhibits microorganism growth, while pared back detail means it’s very easy to clean – making it ideal for transport hubs.


The BB358 can easily be equipped with built-in tables and power facilities if you need to get some work done or charge your devices. 


Airports are often vast and complex structures – and navigating through them can be overwhelming. Smartly placed furniture acts as both navigational aids and social spaces. 

 The BB358 creates a sleek, attractive visual impact while maximising usable space with its clean, compact design. 


The fully moulded PU seat is available in 6 standard colours or can be manufactured to match any Pantone colour (minimum quantities apply).

The PU seat and back have a steel inner frame, supported by a cold rolled mild steel beam and pressure die cast aluminium legs and arms.

Arrange in continuous rows, back-to-back, floor fixed or freestanding, table options in seat places- manufactured to specification, with or without power facilities, beam system available with end and intermediate arms only.

BB358 is built to withstand the toughest of environments, without compromising on design or comfort.