Borg El Arab Airport, 2009

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UFL was contracted by the Egyptian Airports Company Architecture Design team to complete a full passenger seating replacement within the terminal. As an important connection between Alexandria International Airport through to the Middle East and North Africa, Borg el Arab Airport, transfers nearly 1.2 million passengers per year and is easily becoming an alternative transport hub to Alexandria International Airport. As popularity builds for Borg el Arab being the transport hub of choice, it was important that our solution fulfilled two critical objectives: comfortability and sophistication.

As part of our dedicated and comprehensive client service, the UFL design team collaborated extensively with the airport architects throughout the planning, detailing, supply, installation and servicing phases. We played a critical role in developing a seating fit-out that provided luxury and relaxation as travelers flowed through the airport terminal. It was also essential to airport architects that the seating solution offer basic conveniences for tourists and business travelers with tables, arm rests and power points.

The AS202 beam was selected and shipped in component form to Egypt from UFL’s manufacturing facility and assembled on site using local contractors. This seating installation solution provided nearly 200 new beam seats and were configured to accommodate greater passenger volume and provide better traffic flow throughout populated spaces within the airport.

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