After 12 months of intensive design, development and testing, New Zealand based UFL International has released its new Transit passenger beam seating. The new Transit seating, was commissioned and designed for UFL by award winning designer Alexander Lotersztain and his Australian based design consultancy Derlot. Of the new system Lotersztain says, “Our intention with Transit was to explore the potential of modularity and customisation. A design that will allow for a flexible layout and be adaptable to the latest trends in colour, passenger management and passenger seating technology.”

Transit more than delivers on Lotersztain’s innovation, with a key uniqueness being its interchangeability of the 4 piece seat and back. This sectional design allows for individual seat panels to be swapped or mixed to suit individual colour palettes whilst offering long term lower maintenance costs as the individual panels can be swapped or replaced in the event of any damage without replacing an entire seat.

Transits range of seat styling provide hi-tech functionality in all forms through to Executive or Club Class seats

The flexibility and modularity is further enhanced by the connectivity of the Transit system, allowing for passengers to connect their communication device to the seat enabling terminal
designers and planners to offer their passenger-clients a seating solution which is professionally designed, modern and functional, but at the same time colourful and playful in its approach.

Design Given Wings

  • A modern, visually pleasing aesthetic.
  • A design which allows for a greater level of client customisation.
  • A modular design which would allow for ease of assembly and maintenance.
  • Premium appearance and construction values which offer durability to meet the needs of 24 hour terminal operations.
  • Ergonomic design offering comfort for both short and long-term passengers.
  • A cost effective and price competitive solution.
  • The option of intermediate arms which provide additional comfort and discourage passengers from lying or sleeping on the seats.
  • Power socket options to meet the needs of passengers wishing to recharge portable devices.