With 41 million passengers passing through it every year Hongqiao Airport is China’s 7th busiest airport.  The airport has been through a huge redevelopment process increasing in size, and moving away from a simple transport hub into a more commercial operation that’s becoming the norm for the modern Chinese traveller.

The new Hongqiao airport is now in operation with the new BB357 Beam seating from UFL playing a major role with 3,600 seat installation.

UFL were able to live up to our reputation for innovation and flexibility by developing the new BB357 Beam to meet the airports specific needs.  They wanted a robust functional seat with a small footprint that didn’t compromise on style or creature comforts. They also wanted the option of an extra-long beam and single and pod seating. And they needed fast turnaround product development, seating layouts and passenger flow modelling. So UFL swung into action.  The result, modern sleek PU seating that ticks all the boxes and more.

Introducing the BB357 Beam

The BB357 Beam seat has been design for heavy-usage while having a clean and simple aesthetic.  Its flexible PU seat offers comfort while its pressure die-cast frame and components provide a strong and functional base. The sleek styling also enables easier housekeeping which is optimised by the PU’s antimicrobial properties.

The BB357 Beam can be customised with arms, tables and power units to enhance the user’s experience. Single and pod seating are also an option.

UFL continue to develop customisable solutions

Although the BB357 Beam was developed specifically for Hongqiao airport, from the moment of conception it was designed with customisation in mind to meet the changing needs of airports around the world.  As with all UFL designed product, componentry has been kept simple so it can be used in multiple ways, ensuring that customisation is cost effective and a wide range of options are available.

But as always if UFL hasn’t got the solution for you, we will work with you to find it, just give us a call.