About UFL

Who we are

UFL International Ltd is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of counters, seating, public guidance and complementary products for passenger terminals. We have a history of over five decades of successfully completing total or partial commercial installations for a variety of sectors and clients.

Product manufactured by UFL has been used by airport operators throughout Asia, Africa and Australasia.

UFL can competitively supply single classes of product; mass seating, counters, lounge furniture etc to any corner of the world, or can work with smaller airports to act as a single source supplier.
UFL maintains relationships globally through our long-standing membership of Airports Council International and regularly exhibits at international conferences and expos.


Our passenger terminal product offering falls into two categories: Operational and recreational. The first category include mass seating, check-in, baggage and gate counters, public guidance systems, screens and ancillary items. The latter includes café and restaurant tables and seating, lounge furniture and retail equipment.

We draw from the best of the world’s designers from Europe, Asia and New Zealand, and we manufacture either in our own facilities or in that of our partner suppliers where we exert rigorous quality control. We manufacture using the most modern material and technologies and we design to ensure greater economies of space and terminal efficiencies.


UFL’s experience in design, planning and manufacturing ensures we can create customised and functional solutions to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Our design team includes registered architects, designers and space planners.

We offer assistance to our clients in the following areas: Establishing budgets from concept stage, design and space planning, construction management and the establishment of short and long term maintenance programs and contracts.

In the case of the Gold Coast Airport in Australia (winner of the AAA 2013 Best Airport Award), UFL worked with the facility managers, construction teams and government authorities to create a terminal which is practical, stylish and functional. For this project UFL operated as a single-source-supplier to the airport, manufacturing and installing all items from Landside to Airside including mass seating, check-in counters, gate furniture and counters, waiting area seating, public guidance systems and rubbish and recycling bins.


Our combination of design skills and resources, product knowledge and manufacturing capabilities has enabled us to successfully install product to such diverse areas as Nigeria and Bangladesh, and from Cuba to Kazakhstan. The experience gained from this depth of projects ensures we can fulfil any brief, from a

single row of seats and one counter to an airport in Australia’s outback, to a contract of over 1000 beam seats to an airport in Egypt.

We have gained an enviable reputation as a single-source-supplier to second tier airports worldwide.


UFL has a commitment to quality – in both design and manufacture, and to the sustainability of the products we install. We hold ISO 9001 certification and we ensure that our manufacturers and contractors hold similar certification.

We research new technologies and wherever possible, we consider the life cycle of the product, and the ease of recycling. We choose materials and components which can be reused and recycled, and are cognizant of our carbon footprint and the impact of our actions on the planet, which we actively seek to reduce.